Tensor Surgical – Accessible Innovation

Tensor Surgical develops value-based technologies for orthopedic sports medicine. There is increased demand for cost effective, surgeon driven solutions that address complex problems facing physicians and patients. Our technologies offer the greatest value by significantly reducing cost without sacrificing outcomes. We think green: less waste, lower cost, greater efficiency, and enhanced usability. Does new technology always have to be more expensive?


Tensor Surgical was founded on the surgical experience and innovations of Dr. Brett Sanders, Orthopaedic Sports Medicine and Shoulder Surgeon. Having trained with many of the pioneers around the world in the field of shoulder surgery, he realized there is a serious and immediate need for cost effective, surgeon driven design solutions to the complex problems encountered by physicians and patients daily, in a medical world increasingly faced with non patient-centric concerns.

The Tensor Difference

Tensor Surgical understands the increasing technical facility of the modern arthroscopic surgeon, as well as the exponential cost containment pressure in these difficult economic times. Increasingly, the techniques and instruments are adapting in real time to the individual patient, rather than forcing the individual to comply with surgical dogma. Surgeons and patients are having to do more with less, but do it better. These two pressures combined pave the way for a paradigm shift in surgical technology development. Using a team of creative individuals with backgrounds ranging from biomedical engineering to high-end firearm manufacturing, we put the patient’s anatomy, the system’s cost, and creativity at the forefront of innovation. We focus on functionality and elegance, with emphasis on techniques, which open creative avenues for others to advance the field in novel ways.

Value Based Solutions: V = O/$

What is value? Simply put, Value = Outcomes / $. Only the most valuable technology will survive in the value based future. Everything Tensor creates must be the value leader.