Slide Tensor Rotator Cuff Repair System GOLD STANDARD Johns Hopkins clinical research
highlights benefits of
Tensor Shoulder Repair System
SERIES 5 TransOS Learn More Request Demo Fix any cuff for the price of one anchor

Slide "It is my belief that, in this value driven
healthcare environment, using the
Tensor TransOs Tunneler for
rotator cuff repair will become
the gold standard.
– Dr. William Paterson, M.D.,
Ortho Arizona Complete Musculoskeletal Care
When patients put their care in a surgeons hands,
these surgeons put Tensor’s tools in their own.

Tensor Surgical is built from the ground up
to be the most performant orthopedic device manufacturer
directed by our board of best-in-class surgeons.

With dependable results, doctors worldwide trust
our thoughtful designs, proven by thousands of hours
of refined OR practice.*
For Surgeons by Surgeons
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Slide The Power of Value. In today's changing medical landscape, not only
do surgical facilities need to deliver dependable
results consistently, but they need to do so while
saving money up and down the supply chain
in order to remain competitive.
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Slide Calculate your savings> See How Much You Could Save In order to fuel the transition to a value-based industry,
we invite you to find out how much you can save by
switching to the Tensor Rotator Cuff Repair System.

Our clients have saved millions each year. See the power of value.

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