“During my fellowship, I trained under Dr. Sumant Krishnan, who developed the ArthoTunneler arthroscopic transosseous tunneling device. I had the benefit of watching him perform hundreds of rotator cuff repair surgeries during that year. I also finished that year truly understanding the benefits of transosseous rotator cuff repair, including the ability to create any type of repair configuration you could imagine, a more anatomic re-creation of the repair site and significant cost savings compared to anchor-based repair. After coming across an article written about the Tensor TransOs Tunneler in an Orthopedic journal, I knew that I had to give this device a try. Not only is the Tensor TransOs Tunneler even more cost efficient than the ArthroTunneler, it has fewer steps, is more accurate and creates a larger footprint for repair. It is my belief that, in this value driven healthcare environment, using the Tensor TransOs Tunneler for rotator cuff repair will become the gold standard.

Compared to other arthroscopic transosseous rotator cuff repair devices, the Tensor TransOs Tunneler has fewer steps, is more accurate and creates a larger footprint for repair.

Compared to suture anchor-based rotator cuff repair, the Tensor TransOs Tunneler is just as clinically effective and allows one to place sutures in any type of repair configuration at a significant cost savings.”

William Paterson, MD


“I have been using true transosseous tunneled fixation for 90% of my arthroscopic Rotator Cuff repairs since starting practice nearly 7 years ago, both in a hospital setting and in a surgeon owned ambulatory surgery center. I have paired with anchor fixation for large tears using a hybrid technique as well.

I have repeatedly recognized the value of tunneling in the revision setting. Working around existing anchors or large cystic defects at the articular margin or laterally on the greater tuberosity from previous anchors is a huge advantage to tunneling.

I cannot provide any data at this point, but my gestalt comparing post-operative pain, is a substantial difference favoring tunneled repair versus anchored repair.

I was introduced to the Tensor Tunneler and quickly recognized the advantages over competitive tunneling devices. In terms of the device itself, it is straight forward and easy to use, but the dramatic difference is the predictability of capture of the shuttling suture in the tunneler. This reproducibility has improved my overall case efficiency. Further, the cost of the passing needle is far less than the system I used previously and has delivered increased case reimbursements at the ambulatory surgery center.”

Peter S. Johnston, M.D.

South Maryland Orthopaedic & Sports Medicine Center

“Transosseous Rotator Cuff repair shows biological and biomechanical advantages in the Rotator Cuff treatment and is possible to perform it arthroscopically with a simple technique that allows us to create all cuff repair configurations, avoiding suture anchor complications. Tensor Surgical’s reusable Transos Tunneler system allows you to perform any configuration that you can imagine. In my experience, it always captures the suture which saves surgical time.”

Guido Fierro, MD

President, Colombian Society of Shoulder & Elbow

Chief, Shoulder and Elbow Section – Fundacion Santa Fe de Bogota

Clinical & Chair Professor of Medicine – Universidad de los Andes