RCRS SERIES 5 The first tunneling system designed from the ground up for arthroscopic surgery. The Tensor Rotator Cuff Repair System

The Tensor Rotator Cuff Repair System is a pioneer in the arthroscopic surgical field.

The Tensor Rotator Cuff Repair System, consisting of our reusable TransOS Tunneler and VersaTip Suture Shuttle, is designed to provide the gold standard results you’ve come to expect.

Achieve standard and specialty repairs quickly and effectively, adding strength, and longevity with just suture.

Studies have shown that these types of repairs have reduced patient discomfort, heal faster, and have much less need of revision.

With a simple straightforward design the RCRS creates ease of use out of formerly complex procedures.

Reducing the number of steps required to achieve a repair, saves time, cost, as well as reduces both the patient and surgeon’s stress levels.

Being custom made specifically for arthroscopic application, the RCRS is balanced, function targeted, smooth and secure, increasing surgeon’s comfort and confidence.

Eliminating the need for costly anchors significantly reduces operative costs and contributes to enhanced revenue.

  • Gold-standard results

  • Suture-Based

  • Reduces post-op pain

  • Enhances revision options

  • Time Saving

  • Reusable

  • Cost Saving