The Tensor Surgical Story

Tensor Surgical originated with Brett Sanders, one of the top arthroscopic shoulder repair orthopedic surgeons in the U.S.

Dr. Sanders experience with traditional instruments was that they were clumsy, unreliable, expensive and didn’t deliver expected results.

Dr. Sanders and Keith Harper developed a new instrumentation set specifically designed for rotator cuff repair (RCR) work leading to the formation of Tensor Surgical.

Tensor’s goal was to develop instrumentation with reproducible gold standard results that reduced overall OR time and cost.

In 2014 Tensor Surgical launched its first Tensor Tunneler and has sought and incorporated arthroscopic surgeon feedback, to continually improve and expand the capabilities of the Tensor Shoulder Repair System.

Surgeons worldwide have come to know and trust the Tensor Shoulder Repair System and rely on it for superior performance and cost savings.

To-date over 3,000 cases have been performed, saving ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs) millions of dollars.

Tensor is now one of the fastest growing new orthopedic instrumentation companies in the U.S.

Tensor Leadership

Ken Woody
Chairman of the Board

Ken Woody is the Founding Partner of Innova Memphis. Innova runs three VC funds, all focused on investments in Med Tech. Innova has 32 companies in its portfolio and Ken serves on the Board of Tensor Surgical.

Ken is a US Army Veteran who worked for GE and J&J for over 20 years, serving as a VP and General Manager.

He moved to Memphis in 2004 to accept the role as SVP for Global Sales with Smith and Nephew Orthopedics.

Brett Sanders, MD
Founder & CEO

Brett Sanders co-founded Tensor and is a board certified orthopaedic surgeon specializing in arthroscopic shoulder and upper extremity surgery, authoring multiple peer-reviewed publications and presentations worldwide.

Dr. Sanders attended college at the University of Virginia, medical school at University of Tennessee College of Medicine, and orthopaedic surgery residency at Emory University, where he was elected to the AOA Leadership Conference.

Dr. Sanders was a fellow in shoulder and sports medicine at Harvard University, had complementary training at the ALPS Institute in Annecy, France, and performed a second fellowship in hand and upper extremity surgery at the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh.

Keith Harper
Founder & CTO

Keith has worked for over 12 years in the medical device industry, co-founding Tensor Surgical along with Brett Sanders.

Keith is also CEO of Quantum Ops, a user friendly orthopedic surgical positioning system for shoulder and upper extremity joint replacement, soft tissue repair, and trauma.

Keith’s strong experience in business development, sales management, and orthopaedic surgery has benefitted Tensor Surgical since its founding.

Jeffrey Polack
Marketing VP

Jeffrey Polack has over 20 years of early-stage marketing, clinical and business development experience in Med Tech and orthopaedics.

Jeff has significant marketing experience with companies that were successfully commercialized and brought to significant investment, acquisition, or IPO, i.e., SI-BONE, Alere, Possis Medical, and St.Jude Medical.

Jeff co-founded a Palo Alto-based medical technology incubator, Matrix Medical, LLC, with a novel crosslinking core technology that was acquired by BTG and The Medicines Company.

Jeff has an MBA from the Carlson School of Management at the University of Minnesota with graduate degree from the University of Minnesota College of Biosciences, and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Biological Sciences and History from St. John’s University.

Alison Polidano, CPA
Finance Director

Ms. Polidano is owner and founder of AP Finance Services, a business  management consulting, controller, HR and bookkeeping services company focused on supporting start-up Med Tech companies by performing financial support, accounting, and HR for Tensor Surgical.

Ali has been with Tensor Surgical for several years since the early days.

Ali holds a Masters in Accounting from Oakland University and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Industrial Engineering from the University of Michigan.

Tensor Clinical Advisors

Mark Lazarus, MD
Rothman Institute, Phil, PA

Uma Srikumaran, MD
Johns Hopkins, Baltimore, MD

Nick Capito, MD
Augusta Ortho, Augusta, GA

Luke Austin, MD
Rothman Institute, Phil, PA

Kevin Kruze, MD
Texas Ortho, Plano, TX

Brad Brautigan, MD
Orthopaedic Associates, Zanesville, OH


Memphis, TN

Founded in 2007 by the Memphis Bioworks Foundation, Innova is a pre-seed, seed and early-stage investor focused on starting and funding high-growth companies in the Biosciences, Technology and AgBio fields across the state of Tennessee.

Innova links capital with great ideas to create groundbreaking products and services.

Innova provides experienced management, market expertise and venture capital to accelerate the development of new products and services into established companies, such as, Tensor Surgical, to ensure the greatest chance possible for success.

Intellectual Property

Arthroscopic Bone Tunneler
Issued US and International Patent (2018)

Versatip Retropasser
Issued US and International Patent (2018)

Versatip Suture Passer
Issued US and International Patent (2018)

Other product patents in final review

Tensor Surgical
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