Slide One Suture - All Cases The Tensor Shoulder Repair System uses suture-only and works in every patient, every time Slide Give Them Back Their Anatomy The Tensor Shoulder Repair System restores native footprint surface area of your rotator cuff – not “spot welding” with high stiffness anchors Slide Give Them Back Their Function The Tensor Shoulder Repair System matches modulus better to prevent re-tearing of tendon & early return to function Slide No Implant The Tensor Shoulder Repair System is implant-free, double row repair geometry, with improved structural healing rates Slide LESS POSTOP PAIN The Tensor Shoulder Repair System has less postoperative pain, early recovery, and higher postoperative outcome scores than anchors

Discover the benefits of the Tensor Shoulder Repair System

Achieve gold standard transosseous repair arthroscopically in your ASC. Tensor is easy to use, and is the leading reusable tunneling instrumentation offering less postop pain, improved outcomes using patient’s own stem cells and reduced cost.

New Gold Standard

“It is my belief that, in this value driven healthcare environment, using the Tensor Shoulder Repair System for rotator cuff repair will become the gold standard.”

William Paterson, M.D.

Ortho Arizona Complete Musculoskeletal Care

Far Less Pain

“Arthroscopic transosseous rotator cuff repair using the Tensor Surgical device is the least painful method of rotator cuff repair I have used. This is often reported back to me by therapists who perform postop rehab them and compare results with other surgical patients. The reason for the pain reduction is simple – transosseous tunnels created with the Tensor device vent the humeral bone and reduce the pressure within the humeral head. Anchors increase the pressure in the humeral head. Additionally, the tunnels allow for humeral bone marrow and mesenchymal stem cells to flow right into the rotator cuff repair site. Anchors plug the hole and don’t allow that biologic boost. This is just a tremendous advantage for Tensor.”


Brad Brautigan, M.D.

Orthopaedic Associates, Zanesville, OH

Improved Efficiency

“The Tensor Tunneler is straight forward and easy to use, but the dramatic difference is the predictability of capture of the shuttling suture in the tunneler.
This reproducibility has improved my overall case efficiency.”


Peter S. Johnston, M.D.

Southern Maryland Orthopaedic & Sports Medicine Center

Avoid Complications

“Tensor Shoulder Repair System can be performed arthroscopically with a simple technique that allows us to create all cuff repair configurations, avoiding anchor complications.”


Guido Fierro, M.D.

Cirujano de Hombro y Codo

Not Limited

“With Tensor we’re not limited by anchor configuration, you have more ability to add points of fixation for the same amount of exposed tuberosity. We’re not limited by having a one
centimeter bridge between anchors or the number of sutures within an anchor. With Tensor you can come up with any configuration you want.”


Mark Lazarus, M.D.

Rothman Institute, Philadelphia, PA


Works with any technique

Eliminate anchor implants or augment anchors in hybrid procedure.

Less postop pain

Tensor repair has high ASES postop scores aiding in recovery.

Implant free

Tensor offers excellent biology, double-row anatomic footprint reconstruction restores native surface area.

Durable outcomes

Tensor offers better matching of modulus eliminating voids and anchor pullout.

Reusable handle

Easy to use with improved procedure efficacy.

Decreased cost

Tensor offers cost-effective clinical solution.

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Our Features

The Tensor Shoulder Repair System is a non-disposable, reusable tunneling device for transosseous repair offering advantages of excellent biology, double-row anatomic footprint reconstruction, and ability to create multiple low-cost fixation points per surface area of tendon with high-strength suture, while avoiding anchor pullout and imaging artifact.

Works with any technique

Transosseous (TO) hybrid cuff repair combines anchors and TO techniques to maximize benefits and minimize detriments of both techniques.

Less postop pain

Postoperative pain decreases more quickly after transosseous procedure, an improvement in the surgical repair of the rotator cuff assisting in early recovery, with high ASES postop scores.

Implant-free, double row geometry

Transosseous repair offers excellent biology, double-row anatomic footprint reconstruction, and ability to create multiple low-cost fixation points per surface area of tendon with high strength suture.

Durable outcomes, less revision problems

Less revision hardware problems, such as voids or anchor pullout, with bone sparing 2.9mm and 1.9mm tunnels.

Reusable handle, disposable tips

The Tensor Shoulder Repair System has a cost-effective, non-disposable transosseous tunneler, with associated inexpensive disposable components for rotator cuff repair.

Decreased procedure cost

Rotator cuff repair is primarily arthroscopic, outpatient and increasingly expensive due to increased use of anchors.

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